Defining Our Core and Vision

More than 4,500 Tri-Citians have contributed to the understanding of our area’s strengths and challenges. This collective voice reveals our core and vision.

Our core is what makes us who we are. It is a critical tool for evaluating future opportunities. It is the common driver of success and strength across government, businesses, organizations and people. Understanding who we are at our core helps us identify what we want to become. It sharpens our focus on the right areas moving forward. This core, coupled with emerging trends, forms a vision.

Our vision is what we want to become. It gives us direction and a view of the future that will move us into the next decade. Our vision supports transformational change that is relevant to current and future Tri-Citians.

Core: We are an immense agricultural region.
Vision: We will be a world leader in the integration of agriculture and technology.

Core: We are an oasis of land, water and energy.
Vision: We will have an unmatched quality of life through access to innovatively managed natural resources.

Core: We are geographically disconnected and isolated.
Vision: We will have a small town feel with big city amenities and opportunities.

Core: We are decentralized within our own communities.
Vision: We will achieve broad goals through connectivity, collaboration and engagement across our respective communities and organizations.

Core: We are a diverse community.
Vision: We will be a fully represented and integrated community.

Core: We have a deep history and presence of science and technology.
Vision: We will drive a culture of exploration, discovery and entrepreneurship.

Core: We are a comfortable place to live.
Vision: We will be an attractive, engaged and inclusive community for all.

These elements are the tools used to build and select the right opportunity areas for the region. Stay tuned as these big opportunity areas emerge. The myTRI 2030 Regional Vision is a transformational project that will touch the lives of all Tri-Citians.