The myTRI 2030 Regional Vision Project is comprehensive. The research has been exhaustive, but the outcome will be transformational. The process includes in-depth analysis of past projects, trends, current plans, the community questionnaire, with input from the leader interviews and the Big Vision Workshop. We are very pleased that such a wide-range of voices have been heard. A common thread running through all the input is an enthusiasm to amplify our collective impact through collaboration.

A View of the Future – Top 10 Trends

As the process continues and data is analyzed, these global and national trends have emerged as the top ten trends that have the potential to impact our region:

Ag is advancing

Using technology and data to optimize yields is increasingly considered a critical component for transforming operations for the next generation of growers.

Cultures are converging

The U.S. population is rapidly becoming more diverse and is projected to become a plurality nation by 2044; with one in five Americans being foreign born.

Demand is increasing

Forecasted increase in demand for land, water and energy requires strategic consideration of use and management of these resources.

Education is changing

With rising concerns about gaps in professional skills and an emphasis on STEM/STEAM education, traditional education is transforming to develop the workforce of the future.

Gaps are widening

Lower income communities are growing at a faster rate than higher income communities, and suburban poverty is growing three times faster than the population size in suburban communities.

People are connecting

Digital tools are not only allowing people to connect and create large-scale movements, they are providing individuals, groups, and organizations a fast and agile way to spread and receive awareness.

Priorities are shifting

When it comes to finding a place to live, the next generation is basing their choice of city on livability and quality of life rather than career and income potential.

Science is gaining

Federal support for scientific research is gaining momentum as government funding hits a record high.

Tech is sprawling

Tech giants pace of growth is slowing in the Bay Area as they look for other cities and places off the beaten path to invest and grow their companies.

Work is adapting

The rise of the freelance economy, co-working office spaces, and telecommuting leads to the emergence of alternative work environments and atmospheres.

The myTRI 2030 Regional Vision Project is coming together and moving forward. We are excited to roll out more details as they become available. The visioning process has been both an exciting endeavor and a practice in patience. The best way to stay current on myTRI 2030 progress is by visiting the website at and signing up for the email updates. myTRI 2030 is a long-term and evolving project that will shape the future of our region. It’s a great time to be a Tri-Citian!