About myTRI 2030

Based on the belief that our collective future is enhanced through collaboration, myTRI 2030 is a regional visioning initiative with the fundamental goal to create a shared vision for the region and drive collaborative action.

The story of myTRI 2030 began in 2015, when the Tri-City Regional Chamber’s Board of Directors created the Regional Affairs Committee. The Regional Affairs Committee was chartered with providing leadership and a heightened understanding of opportunities and challenges facing the region. They set out to identify a process to engage the community in creating a shared vision for the region.

What makes myTRI 2030 unique, is the thoughtful and inclusive steps taken to build broad community support for both the process and the impending product. This comprehensive process, facilitated by NewEdge Consulting of Richland, Washington, began with thorough research of successful community visioning efforts outside the Tri-Cities. This was followed by the review and analysis of past regional development reports, strategic plans, global and national trends, community questionnaire responses and leader interviews followed by an intensive 2-day Big Vision Workshop where representatives from 28 stakeholder groups came together in the spirit of collaboration.

Over 4,500 Tri-Citians have contributed to the understanding of our region’s strengths and challenges. The insights gleaned from those voices, combined with comprehensive research has coalesced into a set of six opportunity areas (Agriculture, Education, Energy, Inclusion, Life and Prosperity) that our region is uniquely positioned to pursue.

The strong public appetite to help shape the future of the Tri-Cities was proven by the unprecedented community engagement. This should serve as a source of pride and an enduring reminder that Tri-Citians are passionate about the place they call home.

Ultimately, success will require many organizations and individuals to work on projects that help our region achieve goals set from the myTRI 2030 vision. We believe the inclusive and thoughtful process provides the framework to create consensus, open doors to new ideas, strengthen citizen support, create opportunities for growth and inspire us to be greater than the sum of our distinct and independent parts.

Project Plan

Research begins on successful community visioning efforts outside Tri-Cities region
Research current and past studies, plans, reports within Tri-Cities region
New research to identify trends of greatest impact to Tri-Cities region
Community Questionnaire to gather ideas and opinions of all Tri-Citians
One-on-one interviews with Tri-Citians for deeper dive
Two-day Big Vision Workshop to convene stakeholders and hone opportunities
Identify Big Opportunity Areas for community collaboration
Create implementation plan to bring myTRI 2030 to fruition
Survey to identify people, organizations, & projects central to each opportunity area
Public Information Meetings
Formulate specifc goals & action items in each opportunity area
Final Vision Plan

Stakeholder Key

Findings Report

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Community Questionnaire Analysis

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Consolidated Leader Interviews

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Council Kick-Off Packet

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Community Questionnaire Summary Analysis

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