The wisdom, opinions and desires of the people of the Tri-Cities have been cultivated, and a shared vision of our future has emerged! Please join us as the six big opportunities for community collaboration are revealed.

Wednesday, February 27
12 – 1:30 pm
Red Lion Hotel & Conference Center Pasco

myTRI 2030 – The Moment is Now

Leadership occurs when you have “a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless implementation, and talented people working together.” I heard this phrase once from Alan Mulally, past President and CEO of Ford Motor Company. It resonated with me. It stayed with me. And today, I recall it as a fitting description of this particular moment in the Tri-Cities region. It is right now that all things are positively and precisely aligned.

A shared vision for the Tri-Cities is emerging, one that is shaped by targeted research, community input, stakeholder participation, and the guidance of a planning committee comprised of passionate and committed business leaders. Our myTRI 2030 efforts are strong because of this collaboration and integration, and we’re keenly focused on developing a powerful plan for our region’s future.

A project this ambitious takes careful planning and an intentional, inclusive process. To begin, the myTRI 2030 team reviewed successful “community visioning” exercises in communities like ours located throughout the United States. Then—armed with best-in-class models, feedback, and resources—the myTRI 2030 team worked closely with NewEdge Consulting (Tri-Cities, Wash.) to initiate a comprehensive information-gathering and planning process. Specifically, they reviewed and analyzed past regional development reports, strategic plans, and global and national trends; read, discussed, and thoughtfully considered responses submitted via community questionnaires and one-on-one interviews; and facilitated an intensive 2-day Big Vision Workshop to stimulate conversation and idea-generation.

After connecting with more than 4,500 Tri-Citians, the myTRI 2030 team noticed two central themes: immense pride in our region’s achievements over the past decade, and a noticeable fever from community members and leaders to define new goals and opportunities for regional collaboration. With a better understanding of our region’s strengths, challenges, and desires, the myTRI 2030 team is proud to present a set of six opportunity areas that will serve as a framework for the next phase of our journey. It’s a journey we will continue to inform and implement together.

I hope you’ll join us for the unveiling of the myTRI 2030 Opportunity Areas and the launch of the next phase of the myTRI 2030 effort by attending the February luncheon on February 27th.

Paula Linnen
Chair, Regional Affairs Committee
myTRI 2030